The AGRICULT Innovative Toolkit is the result of the combination of

  1. existing tools, methodologies and good practices that have been created under the Erasmus+ (and other EU) programmes in the fields of agri-food and cultural heritage entrepreneurship, and
  2. workshops with the agrifood professionals and stakeholders to evaluate those tools and collect needs and difficulties that they face and the solutions that they think are needed.

The AGRICULT innovative toolkit forms a fully accessible, optimized curriculum for agri-food and cultural entrepreneurship.

The first step of the formation of the toolkit was the reviewing of 60 EU projects and programmes with the Review Template. The projects were reviewed and evaluated on the basis of the 4 themes as seen in the image below.

The target group of this activity is AGRICULT’s primary target group which consists of adults who operate in the agrifood sector and are agri-food producers, processors, farmers, entrepreneurs or educators in rural and regional areas. This is the target group which has participated in the co-creation of the AGRICULT innovative toolkit, they will use the toolkit immediately after its completion and will be the first members of the Agri-food and Cultural Entrepreneurship Network. Each partner had slightly different target groups, according to their existing network and location, something that has diversified the end target group and added useful elements to the AGRICULT innovative toolkit. Now that the AGRICULT innovative toolkit is ready and disseminated, it will benefit the wider target audience which consists of businesses in the agri-food industry and businesses operating in the tertiary sector of the F&B industry, public authorities (Ministries of Agriculture, Culture, Regional Administration Units, Municipalities), chambers of commerce, educational institutions and training centers in the realm of agri-food & cultural heritage. The whole activity 2 has also been very beneficial for the project partners as they have exchanged significant knowledge, experience and expertise between them, something that has led them to growth and a fruitful collaboration.