European network on Agri-food and Cultural Heritage Entrepreneurship

Eligible members are

  • Informal groups
  • Formal associations and clubs in local (Corfu, Larissa, Macerata, Granada) and national level (Greece, Italy, Spain)
  • Adult training providers
  • Training centres
  • Educational authorities & other skills developers – colleges, art schools, private VET organisations
  • Owners/managers of incubation spaces

The Network will be part of the Dissemination Campaign activity in order to ensure continuous engagement of stakeholders throughout AGRICULT’s lifetime. The Network will welcome organisations that have implemented similar projects and their target groups, and the target group engaged in the workshops.

The target groups’ benefits will arise from the awareness regarding agri-food and cultural heritage entrepreneurship and from the Network. Through the awareness, the target groups will be motivated to learn about agri- food and cultural entrepreneurship, take actions on it and utilize it for their benefit. Through the network, the target groups will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, expertise, good practices and opportunities for collaboration and growth at the European level.

The sustainability of the project partly lies in running the Network online as the basis for our future work. Our goal is to gather members and apply for additional funding in order to organize a 4-day conference and product demonstration. This event will include talks, workshops and exhibitions of agri-food products. The goal of this future event is to present the results of AGRICULT, firmly establish the AGRICULT Network and bridge agri-food and cultural entrepreneurship. 

AGRICULT will be beneficial for the organisations whose past projects we plan to research, for the same organisations that will be among the first members of the AGRICULT Network and for organisations that we will engage and will benefit from the AGRICULT curriculum.