🌾Final Agricult workshop-conference in San Ginesio – Italy

The intervention of the Mayor of San Ginesio.
“At the table with Vincisgrassi. An appointment with the history of an identity dish between memory, affection, tradition and territorial promotion”

On October, 28, 2023, University of Macerata organized a workshop-conference in San Ginesio, a Municipality in the Province of Macerata, on the Vincisgrassi tradition. The title of the conference was “At the table with Vincisgrassi. An appointment with the history of an identity dish between memory, affection, tradition and territorial promotion”. The meeting was part of the First Edition of the Festival dei Vincisgrassi, sustained by the contribution of the Marche Region’ ATIM agency.  A dedicated Facebook is retrievable at https://www.facebook.com/festivaldeivincisgrassi/about.

The meeting was a conference and a workshop for AGRICULT, coordinated by Prof. Gian Luigi Corinto, with the intervention of the Mayor of San Ginesio. Stakeholders involved in AGRICULT were farmers, tourism entrepreneurs, chefs, and media experts.

Previous workshops with local entrepreneurs of the Agrifood sector showed the necessity to stress much better two issues in the future.


*First, the importance of culinary and food and wine tradition of the Marche region in the making of social identity. Tradition and social identity can be an asset for promoting integration among local entrepreneurs and produce a common marketing vision. Many stakeholders agreed on the necessity to test the local community to improve social cohesion, enhancing economic initiatives, and increase the use of social media in marketing.

*Second, the necessity to investigate further the necessity of SMEs in communication. The stakeholders group prepared a questionnaire on the ongoing use of social media. This questionnaire will be used also after the formal end of AGRICULT.

Under this vision, some of the stakeholder involved in the AGRICULT project proposed the organization of a Food and Wine Festival dedicated to a very typical recipe called Vincisgrassi, a sort of lasagna with exclusive ingredients, with sauce and giblets.

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