Agricult workshops in Italy 🌍

On September 27, 2023, a workshop was held at the Department of Education, Heritage, and Tourism of the University of Macerata. The workshop aimed at the Agrifood sector of the Macerata Province, specifically companies and individual entrepreneurs. Prior to the workshop, three meetings were held with different individuals of the same target group on April 4, 2023, May 10, 2023, and May 30, 2023.
🚀 The main points were:

  • Innovation;
  • Knowledge cross-sector transfer, including the Universities;
  • Building a network of entrepreneurs oriented to marketing;
  • Digitization;
  • Law and Financial Support, and
  • Inclusion of students and young entrepreneurs.

Lack of intra- and inter-sector networking among companies is a problem particularly perceived in the Marche Region, especially regarding the Agrifood sector. All the participants agreed with the necessity to improve their capacity to be involved in social and entrepreneurial networking. A sound emphasis has been posed on the need to enforce a method for communicating among the nascent web of persons, companies, and professional associations using Digital Tools, in particular to establish a future Whatsapp Group to be named “Agricult_Italy”, or “Vallebona”, which is the place name where the University Department is located in Macerata.

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